Drain Cleaning San Antonio, Texas

A building with a slab foundation does not have a basement or crawlspace underneath it. A slab is made of concrete that’s poured over leveled ground and then smoothed flat and cured. It serves as the foundation for the structure built on it. The concrete slab covers the sewer drain pipes located under the slab. When a drain pipe breaks under a slab, the pipe must be located and repaired; otherwise the ensuing leak could cause damage that makes the building unsound.

There are several signs that point to a slab leak.

  • The first is the presence of water or damp spots on your floor. Leaking hot water lines can create warm spots on your floor. Walking around inside your home barefooted will expose the location of a leaking hot water line.
  • The second giveaway alerting you that your water lines are leaking is the sound of rushing water underneath your floor.
  • The third since a leaking water line runs continuously, you might receive a significantly higher water bill than you are accustomed to.